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So this is probably a silly question for anyone with decent knowledge of Objective-C.

I have an if-statement where I check if the NSString equals anything but "John" or "Michael".

I tried the following code and it didn't work.

if (![selectedName isEqualToString:@"John"] || ![valtNamn isEqualToString:@"Michael"]) {
    // DO SOMETHING    

However this does work

if ([selectedName isEqualToString:@"John"] || ![valtNamn isEqualToString:@"Michael"]) {
} else {

What am I'm missing about using NOT together with OR?

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The negation of condition "John or Michael" should be

!([selectedName isEqualToString:@"John"] || [valtNamn isEqualToString:@"Michael"])

(not (John or Michael))

or, in other words (see the AND instead of OR)

![selectedName isEqualToString:@"John"] && ![valtNamn isEqualToString:@"Michael"]

(not John and not Michael)

This should be obvious but it is also formally described in logic by De Morgan's laws

To understand this, you can simplify it a bit:

BOOL isJohn = [selectedName isEqualToString:@"John"];
BOOL isMichael = [selectedName isEqualToString:@"Michael"];

if (!isJohn && !isMichael) {
  //do something

The condition you have written actually means "if it's not Michael or if it's not John", or "not (John and Michael)" and evaluates always to YES since the name cannot be "John" and "Michael" at the same time.

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Of course, the !-sign was placed on the wrong side of the condition. Thanks! –  nalas May 6 '13 at 16:54

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