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I'm using Backbone Boilerplate of Tim Branyen. This great project use "bbb" commands to develop.

"bbb server" command starts an static server, and everything works great for the front-end development.

But because I'm developing front-end and back-end at once, I need to integrate backbone boilerplate within my nodejs/express server (where I have the back-end code). I need all in the same server.

So, what I did was put backbone boilerplate project into a folder "/public" and I start the server conventionally "node server.js".

In this way I lose all the functionality of the "bbb server" command, such as real-time compile style.

What would be the best way to handle this? and avoid start 2 servers (front/back) for a same project.

Thanks in advance! (and sorry my english)

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you just have to implement those functionnalty on your own server.

bbb server simply start a basic express server with some middleware managing assets (compiling styles, etc). You just need to do the same.

Checkout grunt-bbb-server to see how it is implemented, and just replicate it on your own server.

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