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I use the Facebook share, but suddenly a blank page appears. I don't understand why suddenly this happens, because it worked before this situation. I already used the Facebook debug tool, but everything is valid.

This is the link:

If you visit this URL: You will see that the page appears without errors.

If I use this syntax:[url]={$authenticate->getRefUrl()}&p[title]= {$facebook_titel}&p[summary]={$facebook_tekst}{$authenticate->getRefcode()}

It works, but this URL format is not compatible with our mailing that is using UBB codes. This is the outcome in the e-mail:

[url=[title]=Ik heb nog waardecheques over t.w.v. € 100 van Verkeersschool Nelen, wie kan ik hiermee blij maken&p[summary]=Ik heb een paar waardecheques van € 100,- voor rijlessen en motorrijlessen over. Wie kan ik hier blij mee maken ? Klik dan op de link of stuur me een bericht of gebruik deze kortingscode: 55743cc039] 

And not appearing a normal link.

Anybody experience with this issue?

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