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I'm trying to run Selenium tests using Play's built-in testing framework (TestServer, FakeApp, running() method) and running it through SBT, but the logging level for HTMLUNIT seems to be set at debug; causing a very large stack of useless messages.

I've already tried this:

  • Setting com.gargoylesoftware.htmlunit=ERROR in application.conf
  • Setting <logger name="com.gargoylesoftware.htmlunit" level="ERROR"/> in application-logger.xml
  • Doing the same thing as above but in test/resources/logback-test.xml

None of these seem to work. Looking at the log messages, it seems that it does understand that there is a logback-test.xml yet it just ignores it when it comes to HTMLUNIT.


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Figured it out. My problem was a lack of understanding of how play loads up xml files for logback.

There are 3 files that configure logback in play: logback.xml, application-logger.xml and application.conf. My issue was that I was declaring the levels in logback.xml (which loads before application-logger) but those settings were being overloaded by application-logger.

Putting the log levels on application-logger fixed the issue.

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