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please, i trying to use a val parameter in a for template but it is unrecognized

@{val slide=0 }
            @for((parent, index) <- grandparents.zipWithIndex){
                @for((son, jndex )<- parent.zipWithIndex){
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You can't declare and use a Scala val in the templates.
You need to declare a reusable value using the defining helper, as explained in the template engine section of the documentation.

(plus, you can't change the value of a... val; you must use the var keyword)

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As an extension to Samy's answer, here's what your @defining block might look like:

@defining(grandparents.foldLeft(0)((i,parent) => i + parent.size) {slide =>
  // Insert any markup here that depends on the value of slide
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thanks, is a something like @defining(0) {slide => where slide is a var and not a val, i would like use for in brakes –  Javier Gutierrez May 6 '13 at 20:33

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