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I recently upgraded Capistrano to 2.15.4. cap deploy tried to run this command on the server:

git clone -q -b master <URL of my repo>

Which resulted in this error message from Git:

error: unknown switch `b'

Checking the local man page for git clone, I don't see the -b switch listed. But, on the man page published online, I see that it's listed as a valid switch. (It enables you to specify a branch.)

Why the discrepancy? Was this switch added in a later version of Git?

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That was added in git 1.6.5. The reference in capistrano was added in this commit: https://github.com/capistrano/capistrano/commit/b8ce59ca4022b23d70bff597f3e32b74c818f977


  1. Upgrading git
  2. Using a different strategy than shallow-clone

It doesn't look like this requirement has been added to any of the Capistrano docs.

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