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Im very very new to JS and JQuery so please bear with me.

I have a dropdown list - and if you click the list, it will call a function, which will open a floating box (div). Now we want that box to display upon log-in, disconnecting its relationship to click event. But if I just take the codes out of the function, place it in the script - like the other divs, either my page renders incorrectly or nothing displays.

here is what is in my HTML:

<li><input class="option_btn room_search" value="Search for Room"/></li>

and here is how my script looks like:

$("input.room_search").click(function() {
    //var roomSearch = new jabberwerx.ui.MUCSearchView(muc, demo_config.conferencealias); 

    var roomSearch = new jabberwerx.ui.MUCSearchView(muc, conferencealias); 

    roomSearch.event("actionComplete").bind(function(evt) {
        try {
            try this...

        } catch (e) {
            alert("An exception occurred while trying to create/join the MUC room.\n Details: " +
    roomSearch.dimensions({width:600, height:400});                   

Please help me, I have tried to find a forum with his concern but I dont think I have the correct keywords. Thank you!

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When you removed the code from the click handler did you put it in a $(document).ready(function() { /*your code here*/ }); handler instead? Your code tries to append to the ".muc_search" element, so you need to run it after that element has been parsed. – nnnnnn May 6 '13 at 21:21
Yes, it is inside that handler - although the original code with the click event is also inside the handler. You are right on the "Your code tries to append to the ".muc_search" element". I changed ".muc_search" to "div.muc_search" and my page rendered correctly - still not showing the floating box by default though. Meanwhile, I found that I can force the click event upon log in so for now, I can use this work around: $("input.room_search").trigger('click'); – Ruzel Jamilon May 7 '13 at 14:52

I dont get your question completely, but looking at the question, the click event can be easily unbind by


Inside the unbind functon, give name of any event you want to unbind.

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