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How does one get a LongListSelector to show items in multiple columns?

Suppose that three "items" are enough to fill the screen vertically but there is still enough room horizontally for another column. Instead of:

... (scroll down)
... (scroll down)

I want to see:

item1 item5
item2 item6
item3 item7
...(scroll down)

I'm guessing I need to introduce a WrapPanel somewhere, but not sure how? Looking for a XAML solution.

We are using item groups, but don't require any special grouping in terms of the columns. In other words, the group headers can appear inline with the items; they don't need to span columns. A given group need not belong to the same column or same screen.

We are building against WP7 so we're using the WP7 Toolkit's version of LongListSelector, not the fuller-featured WP8 version whose LayoutMode solves this easily!

Update: Per Chris W's answer I downloaded and built my "own" WP7 toolkit, modifying Generic.xaml as follows:

                            <controls:WrapPanel Orientation="Vertical"/>

But the items are not wrapping, despite restricting width of datatemplate item to ensure there's room for a second column.

Per this question it seems I have to set the WrapPanel's height explicitly to get the desired behavior. I tried hard-coding the WrapPanel's Height as well as MaxHeight just to see if this would work (not a viable permanent solution), but it didn't work either!

Since we don't need the "jump to group" functionality of LongListSelector (we chose it only to do item groupings), I may simply use a ListBox with a ValueConverter to enable grouping.

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