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As of API level 14 android introduced the Camera.Face api. This api provides you with the following fields:

int id  - An unique id per face while the face is visible to the tracker.

Point leftEye - The coordinates of the center of the left eye.

Point mouth - The coordinates of the center of the mouth.

Rect rect - Bounds of the face.

Point rightEye - The coordinates of the center of the right eye.

int score -The confidence level for the detection of the face.

My question is, using these properties is it possible to create a database/list of known faces along with their attributes and then match new faces that show up to known faces?

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No, its not possible with that API alone. Facial recognition and face detection are two different technologies.

The amount of info garnered from a face detection algorithm is too simplistic to be applied to a recognition algorithm. The best you could do is use the bounding rectangle to further analyze the image.

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I understand they are different. I just didn't know if the data given in android's face detection could be utilized to create facial recognition – Peter May 6 '13 at 21:57

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