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I am working on some analysis work and after running softwares between same samples i got output like this

>id sample1 sample2
 a  0           0
 b  0           0
 c  0           0
 d  0           0
 e  0           0
 f  0           0
 g  0.518775    0.549079
 h  0.0233247   0.101596
 i  15.8679     15.45

>id sample1 sample2
 a     0    0
 b     0    0
 c     0    0
 d     0    0
 e     0    0
 f     0    0
 g    18.6225669551756  23.7346441585572
 h   199.37101093188    157.926670747323
 i    10.9544511501033  3.65148371670111

now i want to compare or correlate samples between different softwares used...like between sample1 from software1 and sample1 from software2 and sample2 from software1 and sample2 from software2

i am new to R and learning it and any help would be great?

i calculated the correlation between samples now using cor function.can i develop heatmap between them?

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Google "R correlation" google.com.au/… Sorry, mate, but this is really such a basic question... – sashkello May 6 '13 at 22:45
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cor(software1[c("sample1", "sample2")],
    software2[c("sample1", "sample2")])

#             sample1    sample2
# sample1 -0.08296432 -0.1202152
# sample2 -0.07804807 -0.1151872

I will note that the number of zeros in those examples raise the question of whether a different summary method than correlation might be more desirable. Pearson correlation assumes the two vectors would be drawn from a continuous distribution with a low probability of duplicates.

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I calculated the correlation between samples using cor function.can i develop heatmap between the samples? @DWin – abh May 6 '13 at 22:59
No. For a heatmap you need three values: x, y, and a "heat"-matrix. – 42- May 6 '13 at 23:29
@Dwin, see the edit I made to your answer (you missed the fact the OP was asking for a correlation matrix). Now it does provide everything needed for a heat map. – flodel May 6 '13 at 23:42
@flodel: I think you deserve the check. – 42- May 8 '13 at 1:18

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