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I'm looking for the best way to retrieve the sum of time spent on a Redmine project during specified time period (e.g. last month). I've traversed through Redmine few times but failed to find such option (I don't have admin account - Redmine is hosted by our client).

It's easy to retrieve whole time spent on project, but it seems that you can't specify time range. Finding tickets that were updated during that time range and summing up their "spent time" value is not a correct solution, while it includes whole time spent on these issues instead of including time within the range specified.

Is there any easy solution and I'm just missing something or do I need to install a plugin - in that case which one? There are some time tracking related plugins at Redmine website, but there are hardly any opinions on them across the web (the most popular, Time Tracker, works only with Redmine 1.x).

Unfortunately, I don't have administrator privileges to this Redmine instance (as I said it's on our client's machine) but hopefully I can ask them to install a plugin if that's necessary, but I can't make them install a bunch of plugins to see which one suits my needs.

Thanks in advance for help!

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Have you tried the Timelog Report feature of Redmine? On the Overview tab of each project there should be a link to report (on the right). It should be what you need.

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