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I am building an app on iOS and on Mac OS X that talks to a server using REST. The app is expected to store data fetched from the server in a local store (preferably in a SQLlite database). I understand using Core Data is a good option, but I am looking for an example of an app architecture that works on the basis of UI Views getting notified when the SQLlite database is updated as a result of a response from the server.

I have seen a talk for Android at Google I/O that addresses this type architecture in detail. Are there any similar talks/articles like this for iOS?

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REST is the simplest architecture there is. Each request to the server is independent. REST does not even require a database on the client side, and who you want to notify when is entirely up to you. – Hot Licks May 7 '13 at 0:48
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You're mixing quite some different things here.First you need an interface for your restufl API. Look at AFNetworking library to handle requests to the server and build your API handler. Then use an NSFetchResultController to listen to your core data being updated and do what you need accordingly in your views. NSFetchResultController is built to be used with a UITableView but you can use it in other situations if needed.

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Thanks Nicolas. I think I will have to start small and take it from there. – sathishpaul May 7 '13 at 4:41

use RestKit it's the best framework to work with Rest services. and it's well-documented. the latest version works on top of AFNetworking.

you can find some examples there as well.

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Thanks Dmitry. I am looking at RestKit as well - but I would like to have as little 3rd party dependencies as possible in my project. Also, this forces me to really understand what's going on behind the scenes. – sathishpaul May 7 '13 at 4:42

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