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when my css is located in the root of my website, the background loads fine by adding background: url(images/main-bg.jpg) repeat; into the body, but when i move the css into a folder named "css" and re-link the HREF it seems to disappear?

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Try to change path to resource background: url(../images/main-bg.jpg) repeat;

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oops silly me lol – Dianabolz May 7 '13 at 0:15
Small things hard to notice (= – Mr. Cat May 7 '13 at 0:16

Are you using relative links correctly? If you're moving that .css file into a folder, the new relative path should be

background: url(../images/main-bg.jpg) repeat;

...if the images folder is in the root folder as well.

You can use a debugger like Chrome's developer tools or Firebug to double check if the resource is being loaded correctly.

Resource shows up on hover.

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You'll need to update the CSS. The url is relative to the relationship of the CSS to the image (not the document). Try background:url(../images/main-bg.jpg) repeat;

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That's because your CSS is now searching for the image in (root)/css/images/main-bg.jpg, you need to use a relative path.

background: url(../images/main-bg.jpg) repeat;

.. means go back one directory.

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