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void Iterator::displayStringFour(const vector<string> &v)
    tempVect = v;
    int smallest;

    sort(tempVect.begin(), tempVect.end(), Equal());

In the line above I sort the vector in order of least chars in a string to greatest.

    pair<vector<string>::iterator,vector<string>::iterator> equalRange;

*this next line is where it throws an error saying that the set isnt sorted. i have used a functor object to sort in in order of least chars to greatest and i am not sure how else it would like for me to sort the vector *

    equalRange = equal_range(tempVect.begin(),tempVect.end(),"-----");
    vector<string>::iterator range = equalRange.first;


This is my functor object that takes two strings and sorts the vector

class Equal
    bool operator()(string a,string b)
        return a.length()<b.length();
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Pass Equal() to equal_range as fourth argument, otherwise it will use the default compare functor, which is 'less'.

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Yeah that makes sense. Thanks –  AlexGimson May 7 '13 at 0:50

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