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I am writing a gui application in python. In one instance of the GUI I want to call a method inside of my thread class, but I don't want to call the initial run() method.

Here is an example of my Threaded class:

class SomeThread(Thread):
    def __init__(self,queue):
        self.queue = queue

    def SomeMethod():
        print "success"

    def run(self):
        apple = "eat a apple"

        self.queue.put(apple) # pass var into queue

I attempt to call the SomeMethod here

class SomeGUIClass(wx.Frame):

    def MethodA(self,event):

But I get an error that states "type object 'SomeThread' has no attribute 'SomeMethod'. How can I call this SomeMethod function directly without executing the run(self) method?

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I believe the text editor had some trouble with the tabs/spacing of certain elements. I got it to work after fixing the indentation by calling:

self.queue = Queue.Queue()
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