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I have a game for Android that uses hardware keys (D-pad). There are lots of lines of code in my onKeyDown and onKeyUp callbacks throughout the program.

Now I'm trying to add support for a bluetooth gamepad, which generates its own events when various keys/sticks/triggers are pressed. And I would like to "mirror" these events from the gamepad as events from the D-pad, to use the existing onKeyDown and onKeyUp callbacks.

In other words I want to generate/emulate pressing of D-pad keys programmatically. Is it possible?

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Try this.

Use these:

int KEYCODE_DPAD_DOWN   Key code constant: Directional Pad Down key.
int KEYCODE_DPAD_LEFT   Key code constant: Directional Pad Left key.
int KEYCODE_DPAD_RIGHT  Key code constant: Directional Pad Right key.
int KEYCODE_DPAD_UP     Key code constant: Directional Pad Up key.

Check out the official doc

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Seems like this can only be done either with the INJECT_EVENTS permission or on rooted device.. Thanks anyway! –  dop2000 May 7 '13 at 2:52

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