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I have the following sqlalchemy code:

x = bbc.alias().c
w = bbc.alias().c
    select([func.sum(w.population)]).where((w.region == x.region)) > 100000000

I would expect it to produce this SQL:

FROM bbc x
WHERE 100000000 < (
    SELECT SUM(w.population)
    from bbc w
    WHERE w.region = x.region

but instead it gives me this:

SELECT distinct(bbc_1.region) AS distinct_1 
FROM bbc AS bbc_1 

Somehow the WHERE clause is collapsing, but for the life of me I can't see why. Am I doing something wrong with the aliases?

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as mentioned on the mailing list, a select() construct is a FromClause until you call as_scalar() on it, turning it into a ColumnElement suitable for SQL expressions:

x = bbc.alias().c
w = bbc.alias().c
    select([func.sum(w.population)]).where(w.region == x.region).as_scalar() > 100000000
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