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I'm new to Google Apps, and I'm having much difficulty reformatting my data.

I built a form that outputs into Google Spreadsheet. The form asks 6 questions, and it asks that set of 6 questions 5x. Currently, the output shows 30 columns of data. I want to build a Google Apps Script that can reformat that into a single list of data, so each submission will convert to 5 rows of data that is 6 columns wide instead of 1 row of data that is 30 columns wide.

As an added tweak, Column A shows the date of submission, and I would like it to repeat this for each row of data from that submission. Also, each submission can have up to 5 entries (of 6 pieces of data each), but it can also have just 1,2,3 or 4.

Here is the output I'm working with:


I think the formula should say something like:

Look at Column H
Find first instance where cell is not blank
Copy that and 6 cells over
Set the original copied cells to blank
i + 1

then repeat the entire process in Column M
then repeat the entire process in Column T

Please help me if you have ideas!

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Data coming from forms are also available as variables when using an "on form submit' trigger, see doc here about Spreadsheet Form Submit Events

you should use these variable to build the spreadsheet arrangement you want in a second sheet while leaving the 30 columns one as it is...

The best approach would probably be to build a 2D array with the appropriate data and to write it at once in this sheet (could be in another spreadsheet as well... )

this should be quite easy to setup by pushing data in an array 5 by 5 if the answer is not empty

something like this (not tested)

function formSubmit(e) {
  var data = []
    var row = []
    if(e.values[3+n]!=''){  // if first element of serie n is not empty
      row.push(e.values[3+n+c]);// build row n with 6 colums (0 to 5)
  data.push(row);// add row n to data  (0 to 4)
  SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet().getSheets()[1].getRange(1,1,data.length,data[0].length).setValues(data);// write data to sheet #2

EDIT : I mixed up 5 and 6, I changed the script to handle 5 rows of 6 answers... sorry if you saw first version ;-)

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I understand the concept of storing the form submissions in an Array and pasting those into a new spreadshet. I was able to tie your code to a trigger on form submission, but it gives me the TypeError: Cannot read. After some searching, i think it's because 'value' isn't a standard propertpy. Is there a script library that I should be using? Thank you for your help here. I'm trying to support a non-profit, and your assistance is invaluable. –  user2356818 May 9 '13 at 22:36

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