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I need the sequence of pages each process access ex:-

Process 1 access its Virtual page 2  
then Process 2 access its Virtual page 10 
then Process 1 access its virtual page 7
and so on ..
#in Linux environment 

Any help regarding this is appreciated.

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It's not immediately apparent that this information would be captured, except in the case where the access results in a fault because the page is not yet physically present and needs to be loaded - which would probably be true for the first access to each page, excluding mappings inherited from a fork(). Of course if you are running a simulator or possibly virtual machine, or perhaps if the process of interest is being debugged it's more practical to record. –  Chris Stratton May 7 '13 at 14:44

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I don't know of any utilties will give exact output as mentioned in the question, but you can look up these links:

http://www.makelinux.net/ldd3/chp-15-sect-1 http://www.ualberta.ca/CNS/RESEARCH/LinuxClusters/mem.html

The command mentioned is:

 cat /proc/<pid>/maps

You'll need to read through both the links to make sense of it and maybe modify the output according to your need.

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I know this is an old questions, but I thought may be someone in the future might get into the same problem.

I know that you can write a tool for PIN, which is a dynamic binary instrumentation tool, that can do this for you. They have hooks that you can run just before or after a memory instruction is executed. You can use these hooks to dump the address targeted by that instruction.

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