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Here is a sample XML:

<xml id="javascriptObject">

Object produced after digesting the XML above should be equivalent to:

var obj = {name: 'Joe', age: '12', gender: 'M'};

You guys know any functions in javascript or in jQuery that will convert the XML to a javascript object? If none, any ideas on how to do this the best way as possible? Thanks guys!

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Try this, using the parseXML() method:

var xml = '<xml id="javascriptObject"><name>Joe</name><age>12</age><gender>M</gender></xml>',
    xmlDoc = $.parseXML(xml),
    $xml = $(xmlDoc);

var obj = {
    name: $xml.find('name').text(),
    age: $xml.find('age').text(),
    gender: $xml.find('gender').text()

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you can use this project ;) this allows you to convert between json objects and XML objects

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