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I have created a GUI which has 2 subplots.The first one display original image.

How can i do when i want to zoom in first subplot and then display it in second subplot? Thanks in advance

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You can do that by copying the data from the first subplot to the second and setting the axis limits. Here's an example that doesn't use a GUI but should work the same way:

% create two subplots
ax1 = subplot(2,1,1);
ax2 = subplot(2,1,2);

% display some data in the first subplot

% get the range of the axes in the first subplot
xLim1 = get(ax1, 'XLim');
yLim1 = get(ax1, 'YLim');

% Ask the user to zoom in. Instead of pressing 
% enter, there could be a button to push in 
% a GUI
reply = input('Zoom in and press enter');

% Get the new, zoomed in axes
zoomedXLim = get(ax1, 'XLim');
zoomedYLim = get(ax1, 'YLim');

% get the data from the first axis and display
% it in the second axis.
data = getimage(ax1);

% set the second axis to the zoomed range
set(ax2, 'XLim', zoomedXLim)
set(ax2, 'YLim', zoomedYLim)
title('zoomed image')

% return the first axis to its original range.
set(ax1, 'XLim', xLim1)
set(ax1, 'YLim', yLim1)
title('original image')

The resulting figure will look something like this:

original image and zoomed image

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