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How can I write the following sql query in the cakephp format

CASE User.user_type
WHEN 'admin' THEN concat_ws(' ',Admin.first_name,Admin.last_name)
FROM `project`.`activity_logs` AS `ActivityLog` 
left join users as User on ActivityLog.user_id = User.id 
left join admins as Admin on User.id = Admin.user_id
WHERE 1 = 1 ORDER BY `ActivityLog`.`datetime` desc

Everything is fine except the case statement, pls help me..

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Try this Query

$this->ActivityLog->find('all', array(
  'fields' => array(
       '((CASE User.user_type WHEN 'admin' THEN concat_ws(' ',Admin.first_name,Admin.last_name) END)) AS UserName'
   'joins' => array(
        'LEFT JOIN users as User ON ActivityLog.user_id = User.id'
        'LEFT JOIN admins as Admin on User.id = Admin.user_id'
   'recursive' => -1
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you can use CASE in cakePHP like,

$this->YourModel->find('all', array(
  'fields' => array(
    '((CASE User.user_type WHEN 'admin' THEN concat_ws(' ',Admin.first_name,Admin.last_name)
....rest of your query
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