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My py-mysql is farking because I've upgraded MySQL which replaced libmysqlclient_r.15.dylib with libmysqlclient_r.16.dylib. How do I find and get back the older version?

EDIT: I found that to intall an older version of MySQL, I need to do @, but I'm still looking for the way to find the older versions.

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Installing older versions is a pain. You have to grab the files from the MacPorts SVN Repository, which is tricky, since you can't directly search for a particular version. Once you've downloaded the appropriate portfile, it's easy as installing any other port. Read the official how to install an older version of a port document for the details. There's also an older procedure that has you add the downloaded port to a local port repository.

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Didn't figure out how to find older versions (please answer still, I'll accept). But the way I fixed it was to activate the older version:

dreBook:~ fedorov$ port installed mysql5
The following ports are currently installed:
  mysql5 @5.0.81_0
  mysql5 @5.1.40_0 (active)
dreBook:~ fedorov$ sudo port activate mysql5 @5.0.81_0
--->  Deactivating mysql5 @5.1.40_0
--->  Activating mysql5 @5.0.81_0
dreBook:~ fedorov$ sudo apachectl restart


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This is the preferred solution, as long as the older version is still installed. – outis Oct 29 '09 at 3:18

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