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Is there a possibility to insert data from Analysis Services cube into MS SQL database?

At the moment I can use excel to get data from Analysis Services cube, but I want to store some data from CUBE into my database.


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ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[SP_FetchDataFromCube]



declare @mdx_query as varchar(max), @open_query as nvarchar(max), @linked_server as varchar(max)

set @mdx_query = 'SELECT {[Measures].[col1]} ON COLUMNS, { [Time].[Month].[' + CONVERT(CHAR(7), GETDATE(),126) + ']} ON ROWS FROM [database] WHERE [field].[field].[value]'

set @linked_server = 'LINKED'

set @open_query = 'SELECT DATEADD(D, 0, DATEDIFF(D, 0, GETDATE())), * FROM OpenQuery ("'+@linked_server+'",'''+ @mdx_query + ''')'

execute sp_executesql @open_query


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