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I am trying to use the sql-connect statement of Saxon to access a data-mapping that is saved in my database to perform an XML transformation.

I read in the boook "XSLT" by Doug Tidwell (page 334), the following: "To complicate things further, the username must match the name of the database schema."

Does that mean, I cannot have username and database schema name different when using the open source version of Saxon? Or would that be possible somehow?

Also would I include both saxon9.jar and saxon9-sql.jar into my Java program to make it work?

Thanks for help.

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Quoting Michael Kay from the Saxon-mailing list:

"The SQL extension makes use of the 'element extensibility' mechanism, which is only available in Saxon-PE and higher.

However, the code of the SQL extension itself is open source, so you are free to modify and extend it. In other words, it's an open source plug-in to a commercial product. This might explain why you have seen apparently conflicting information."

So the answer is: No. Without a license, the element extensibility cannot be used.

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