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Can anyone help me convert this regex into Java? I am not sure why it is not working, I have read the documentation and made it for Java, but it doesn't work with Java. However, it works on a Perl regex testing website just fine.


And I basically have this:


All I want to do is get a list of the names expiem, 2pfemfrance, etc. into a string array

Yes, here is my code: where the builder.toString() contains what I mentioned

Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("h=(.*)");
Matcher match = pattern.matcher(builder.toString());
if( match.find() ) {
    this.userlist = match.group(1).split("(.*?);[01]:");                              
    this.loaded = true;
    this.index = 0;

By the way, match.group(1) is the exact string I posted, it is exactly


(I tested it by printing it out on the console)

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Could you post what you have already tried to do? I.e. the actual Java code where you are trying to use the regex. –  Vincent McNabb May 7 '13 at 7:12
This will not hit the complete string, only parts of the string, so depending on where you put that regexp you will have less or more success. show a little bit more about the code you use –  Nanne May 7 '13 at 7:13

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You don't need the string capture to be part of your split expression: it will eat up your string.

You state that the perl version works, however that requires that the input string ends with a :. If it doesn't, you need to add a ? after to the : to specify that it is optional.


this.userlist = match.group(1).split(";[01]:?");
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This works: ideone.com/4FhRUB –  ValarDohaeris May 7 '13 at 7:25
Dont you need an additional ? at the end to get rid of the very last ;1? –  Andreas May 7 '13 at 7:26
@ValarDohaeris Note that OP does not have an : at the end of the input string, while your code has –  Andreas May 7 '13 at 7:30
@Andreas thanks for pointing that out. Answer updated! –  Klas Lindbäck May 7 '13 at 7:43

With this code

String input = "h=expiem;0:2pfemfrance;1:runiora;1:stallker420;1:phoenixblaze0916;1:myothorax;1";

Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("h=(.*)");
Matcher match = pattern.matcher(input);
if( match.find() ) {
   String substr = match.group(1);

   String[] userlist = substr.split(";[01]:?");

you get

[expiem, 2pfemfrance, runiora, stallker420, phoenixblaze0916, myothorax]

The relevant regexp to split the string is ";[01]:?"

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String names = "expiem;0:2pfemfrance;1:runiora;1:stallker420;1:phoenixblaze0916;1:myothorax;1"
String[] nameArray = names.split(":");

List<String> nameList = new ArrayList<String>();
for (String name : nameArray) {
    String[] tupel = name.split(";");

Well it is not a cool regex solution but imo easy to understand. Basically you split the long string into smaller strings which are separated by :

Then you split the small strings using the separator ; and add the first entry of that result (which is the name) to a list.

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Two problems:

  • your regex is capturing your target - the regex should be for the separators, not the content you want to keep
  • you have waaay too much code. You only need one line!

Try this:

String[] names = builder.toString().split(";[01]:");
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