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My JSON stream can be different each time. For example sometime it can include a "Song" field and sometime not.

I am getting this fields value asText ? How to tell Jackson to get this value as an Empty String if it is not defined ?


"Content": "MusicContent",
"Song": "Track_1",

if try node.get("Song").asText() it will give "Track_1"

"Content": "MusicContent",

Now , if i try to get node.get("Song") it gives null pointer exception. I want to get an empty string when calling asText().

How can i do that ?


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You could check for null before calling the asText() on the node. i would probably do it like this :

if (node.get("Song") != null){
  myString = node.get("Song").asText();
} else {
  myString = "";

Or in a fancy way like this :

myString = ((node.get("Song")!=null) ? node.get("Song").asText() : "");
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Thanks for your reply. Instead of checking this for each node , i thought maybe Jackson has a mapping feature for this. –  dracula May 7 '13 at 10:57
Well, if you intent to build a POJO for it, it's not a big deal anymore. Just a getContent() method which checks mContent to return an empty string. –  Thuy Trinh Nov 25 '13 at 13:15

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