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I have to display the list of files and last modified dates for the files after uploading functionality.

When we upload the files they will move into a single directory. After that I have to display the list of files with their last modified dates in the "template toolkit" file.

For retrieving the list of files I am using this Perl code

my $path = "/sa2/tools/jayaram_delete";

if (chdir($path)) {
    @files = glob "*";
else {
    @files = ();

print STDERR "FiveJayaram:@files";
$c->stash->{myoptions} = \@files;

In the same I have to retrieve the last modified date for the files.

For displaying the files in the .tt file:

[% FOREACH my IN myoptions%]
<tr class=propertyTableValueColValue><td><div><b>[% my %]</b></div></td></tr>
[% END %]

Please help me to display the list of files and the last modified dates in the .tt file using Perl.

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Working examples are mostly good start,… – Сухой27 May 7 '13 at 11:37
That all looks reasonable at a first glance. What are you having problems with? Getting the timestamps? Displaying your data? Both? – Dave Sherohman May 7 '13 at 11:57

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In the first part of your script you should use opendir to retrieve the files and stat to get the modified date of the files. Like this:

opendir my $ls,$path or die $!;
while (my $file = readdir $ls ) {
    next if !-f "$path/$file";

    my @stat = stat("$path/$file");
    push @files, [ $file , localtime($stat[9]) ];
closedir $ls;

Now you have a list that you must pass to the template. Each item in the list is a reference to a list with the file and mtime. You should pass this list to the template and retrieve it. Check this document about accessing references of lists in TT:

You also may want to get the mtime in a different format. Run perldoc -f localtime to see examples of how to do it.

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