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I am working a project where I need to serialize a collection of enums using datacontract serialization. The expected result should look like the following


Here's the class that is to be serialized:

[DataContract(Name = "Filters")]
public class Filters
    private ObservableCollection<Nullable<MemberTypeEnum>>  m_enmMemberType;
    [DataMember(IsRequired = false, Name = "MemberType", Order = 1, EmitDefaultValue = false)]
    public ObservableCollection<Nullable<MemberTypeEnum>> MemberType
            return m_enmMemberType;
            if (m_enmMemberType != value)
                m_enmMemberType = value;

[DataContract(Name = "MemberTypeEnum")]
public enum MemberTypeEnum
    T_1 = 1,
    T_2 = 2,
    T_3 = 3,

The problem I have is that the result I get is slightly different:


Is there a way to modify the serialization (or am I doing something wrong) so that I can get the expected result?

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I have done a bit more research and I have found another question that seems related to mine:

CollectionDataContract serialization not adding custom properties (DataMember)

The answer with most upvotes seems to suggest that

"This is not possible with the DataContractSerializer (DCS). The DCS doesn't allow unwrapped collection elements"

I suppose I need to accept this and contact the web service provider to find out if it's possible to modify the contracts.

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