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I've been trying to open a report in the General Ledger > Reports > Detailed trial balance. In the form, I input a parameter for Ledger account.MainAccount. When I click OK, I got an error:

Error executing code: The field with ID '0' does not exist in table 'LedgerTrialBalanceStagingTmp'.

Stack trace

(S)\Classes\LedgerTrialBalanceDP\populateTmpTransDetail - line 100
(S)\Classes\LedgerTrialBalanceDP\processReportDetail - line 28
(S)\Classes\LedgerTrialBalanceDP\processReport - line 32
(S)\Classes\SrsReportRunRdpPreProcessService\executeWithContract - line 102
(S)\Classes\SrsReportRunRdpPreProcessService\executeRDLClasses - line 38
(C)\Classes\SrsReportRunService\preRunReport - line 26
(C)\Classes\SrsReportRunImpl\preRunReport - line 12
(C)\Classes\SrsReportRunController\runReport - line 42
(C)\Classes\SysOperationController\startOperation - line 10
(C)\Classes\LedgerTrialBalanceController\main - line 9

If I click ok and again click Select it shows me duplicate of last two line of range. I am using MS Dynamics AX 2012 R2. Any help in this situation.



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Can you tell us what you've tried so far? Share your research and debugging results with us. – Jeroen May 7 '13 at 9:03
I've tried to debug. error occurred in class LedgerTrialBalanceDP in method populateTmpTransDetail(). Error refers to a table LedgerTrialBalanceStagingTmp, but I got there I did not find the clue, when a table will add to the RecordInsertList. Thanks advance. – BSugitayasa May 7 '13 at 10:25
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I had the same problem today, it's a bug. You just need to change the RecordInsertList initialization:

\Classes\LedgerTrialBalanceDP\populateTmpTransDetail, Line 64:

Original line:

recordInsertList = new RecordInsertList(tableNum(LedgerTrialBalanceTmp), true, true, true, true, true, _ledgerTrialBalanceStagingTmp);

Change to:

recordInsertList = new RecordInsertList(tableNum(LedgerTrialBalanceStagingTmp), true, true, true, true, true, _ledgerTrialBalanceStagingTmp);

Compile forward, generate incremental CIL, and it's done.


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Dear @Fabio,Thanks for the advice. I have tried and have been successful. About duplicate existing range problem on \Classes\DimensionProvider\addAttributeRangeToQuery also been successful in fix. See More discuss in – BSugitayasa May 14 '13 at 2:35

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