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i am using omniauth-twitter gem to enable Twitter login in my rails application. Here is my code ...

gemfile -

gem 'omniauth', '~> 1.1.1'
gem 'omniauth-twitter'

routes.rb -

 match '/auth/twitter/callback', to: 'users#twitter_login'
 match 'auth/failure', to: 'static_pages#home'

User_controller.rb -

     def twitter_login
       auth = request.env['omniauth.auth'] 
       authentication = Authentication.find_by_provider_and_uid(auth['provider'],auth['uid'])
       if authentication
          sign_in authentication.user
          redirect_to root_url
         if(User.where(:email => auth['extra']['raw_info']['email']).exists?)
            flash[:notice] = "You already have account in ibetter"
            redirect_to root_url        
            user = User.new
            if user.save(:validate => false)     
              sign_in user           
              flash[:notice] = "Welcome to Ginfy"          
              redirect_to root_url
              flash[:error] = "Error while creating a user account. Please try again."
              redirect_to root_url

session_helper.rb -

  def sign_in(user)
    cookies.permanent[:remember_token] = user.remember_token
    self.current_user = user

User.rb model -

  before_save { |user| user.email = email.downcase }
   def apply_omniauth(auth)
    self.email = auth['extra']['raw_info']['email']
    self.name =  auth['extra']['raw_info']['name']
    authentications.build(:provider => auth['provider'], :uid => auth['uid'], :token => auth['credentials']['token'])

erb code -

<%= link_to image_tag("login-twitter.png", alt: "twitter"), "/auth/twitter",:class => "popup", :"data-width" => "600", :"data-height" => "400" %>

Email id is not fetched from twitter. Please help

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I used pry to debug a similar problem. Include 'pry' gem, and then add binding.pry just before where you expect the email Id to be fetched from twitter. You can then inspect the response from twitter and figure out what's happening. yorickpeterse.com/articles/debugging-with-pry should help you get started on pry. –  Prakash Murthy May 7 '13 at 9:30
thanks for your comment, 'pry' awesome gem for debugging. Now it shows like this [1] pry(#<User>)> self.email = auth['extra']['raw_info']['email'] => nil [2] pry(#<User>)> self.name = auth['extra']['raw_info']['name'] => "Ginfy" –  Shreshtt Bhatt May 7 '13 at 9:49
check this –  Shreshtt Bhatt May 7 '13 at 9:57
I would suggest you to read mail-archive.com/twitter-development-talk@googlegroups.com/… –  Deepak Lamichhane Jul 4 '13 at 15:17

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Twitter doesn´t give you the email via API.

This works if you are using omniauth-facebook gem for example, but twitter doesn´t offer you the email - you have to create a workaround.

For example ask the user in a second step to fill in his/her email adress.

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I've got around this by autopopulating email as "#{twitter_nickname}@example.org" and having the user change it at their leisure. –  Tom O'Connor May 7 '13 at 10:44
Hey Tom, i'm currently having the Same Issue. Could you share your code on how to autopopulate the email ? –  The Mini John Aug 31 '13 at 15:37
I would add a before_create hook and set the email their. –  Mattherick Aug 31 '13 at 18:45
I'm currently at this Step, could you give it a look ? -> stackoverflow.com/questions/18504308/… –  The Mini John Sep 1 '13 at 2:58

The GEM is working fine the problem is Twitter do not return email for some reason. unlike facebook..

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