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when will i add Advanced data grid in my project then it shows eror like

everity and Description Path	Resource	Location	Creation Time	Id
Unable to resolve resource bundle "datamanagement".

but separte mxml file then add it not show any errors .my project i used locale binding for multi language so i add in complier -locale=English,Japan,Arabic,Dutch,India -source-path=locale/{locale} so if i add like may be error occured i dont know What's reason error occurred ? i am seeking soluation lot of time , unable to find it . if you know kindly explain me

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I had the same error, and adding compilation argument -source-path=locale/{locale} made it disappear. –  Frosty Z Jan 31 '12 at 9:58

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Try adding the datavisualization.swc and datavisualization_rb.swc files to your project.

  1. right click on Flex sample project, choose properties;
  2. go to "Flex Build path", "Library Path" tab;
  3. click the "Add SWC" button and add the files

The files should be located in your Flex SDK directory under


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doing following steps . After that AD add to state and run shows same error resolve resource bundle "datamanagement". –  vijayakumar flex Oct 29 '09 at 7:26

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