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I am having a problem assigning a default value to my Spring Form input field. Here's my code

<form:form method="post" modelAttribute="employeeDirectoryInfo">
      <form:input type="text" value=${employeeInfo.employee_id}>

The problem is it will say that value attribute is not valid for tag <form:input>.

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What is the namespace of 'form'? I don't recall having to use special tags for spring web-flow. Is is a html validation error or server side error? I think we need more information in order to help you out. – lsiu Oct 29 '09 at 13:08
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Are you just trying to insert that value into the input box, or do you want to bind that property to the box (so that a new value typed by the user gets stored in that property)?

If the former, then just use a regular HTML <input type="text"> and set the value as you are doing.

If the latter, don't use "value", use "path", and leave off the ${}.

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You were right.hehe... Just leave off the value and ${} part – cedric Nov 2 '09 at 12:06

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