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I managed to show the output of a shell command in TextArea of flex by calling following php file via HTTPService and then using the dataprovider attribute of TextArea to show the returned output.

$output = shell_exec('ls -l');
return $output

Now i have a C file which prints some lines (by using printf command of C) when i run it in shell using


But following php code seems to not return anything as my TextArea remains empty

$output = shell_exec('./myCfile');
return $output

Am i missing something here?

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When you execute a shell command in php, the user running the command is the user running the web server daemon, and that user may not have the rights to run your C application. Make sure you gave rights to that user over your C application and try again. Also, that application must output to the standard output, if it outputs elsewhere (such as error output), shell_exec() won't return that content.

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Yeah. I have given the user right to run the C application but i am using printf which i don't think sends the output to standard output. –  baltusaj Oct 30 '09 at 4:55

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