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I use MEF and compose parts and get several IEnumerable<Lazy<IFoo, IMetaData>> (I have several imports). I like to merge all of the composed parts into one collection of type IEnumerable<Lazy<dynamic, IMetaData>>. Is that possible without invoking/instantiating the actual objects that implement IFoo or other interfaces?

I look to setup a large collection of composable parts but I do not like to instantiate them until they are actually requested. (Please see my related question: MEF, why are identical duplicates of one and the same exported plugin created?

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You should be able to do that by using something like:

from enumerable in enumerables
from lazy in enumerable
select new Lazy<dynamic, IMetaData>(() => lazy.Value, lazy.Metadata)

Unfortunately I do not have MEF at hand so please let me know if you will have any compilation problems. Note that lazy.Value is passed in a delegate and so not evaluated until needed.

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Thanks for your answer, it solves my problem although I ended up accessing the container that comprises exported parts directly and thus I did not have to work with dynamics which makes the solution strongly typed. Thanks a lot –  Matt Wolf May 8 '13 at 6:40

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