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I use jquery for my form. My form has got lots of radion button types of questions.

        <label>1) Competently cut paper with scissors?</label>
            <br />
            <input type="radio" name="CAT_Custom_165607" id="CAT_Custom_165607_0" value="Yes" />
            <input type="radio" name="CAT_Custom_165607" id="CAT_Custom_165607_1" value="No" />
        <label>2) Hold a pencil in a mature pencil grip? </label>
            <br />
            <input type="radio" name="CAT_Custom_165609" id="CAT_Custom_165609_0" value="Yes" />
            <input type="radio" name="CAT_Custom_165609" id="CAT_Custom_165609_1" value="No" />
        <label>3) Write his/her first name - recognisable? </label>
            <br />
            <input type="radio" name="CAT_Custom_165610" id="CAT_Custom_165610_0" value="Yes" />
            <input type="radio" name="CAT_Custom_165610" id="CAT_Custom_165610_1" value="No" />

And I have my jquery function here:

function checkWholeForm(){
      var q1 = $('input[@name="CAT_Custom_165607"]:checked').val();
      var q2 = $('input[@name="CAT_Custom_165609"]:checked').val();
      var q3 = $('input[@name="CAT_Custom_165610"]:checked').val();
      return false;

When I chose no, yes, yes for the three questions. It always alerts "No", which is the value of q1. But I tried alert the value of q2. Same result when I alerted q3. Anything clashes here? Cheers.

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At what point do you call checkWholeForm()? – Ejaz May 7 '13 at 10:31
Note: In jQuery 1.3 [@attr] style selectors were removed (they were previously deprecated in jQuery 1.2). Simply remove the “@” symbol from your selectors in order to make them work again. – billyonecan May 7 '13 at 10:32

You're using wrong syntax for attribute selector. The right syntax is


Notice, no @

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Great, it worked. Thx heaps. – Alex May 7 '13 at 10:46

Hey Please try this code.

$('input:radio').change(function () {

See Demo

I hope It will works for you.

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With recent jQuery versions you can also do the following, which finds the selected input and returns the value.


Additionally, do not validate in Javascript unless it's only for aesthetics. It can be bypassed. Always validate in your backend code, whatever that is.

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Great, it worked. Thx heaps. – Alex May 7 '13 at 10:48
No problem! Tick :) – Luke Oliff May 7 '13 at 10:55

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