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I am storing a map in a yaml file with OpenCV FileStorage, something like this:

cv::FileStorage fs("file.yaml.gz", cv::FileStorage::WRITE);
std::string somekey = ...;
double someval = ...;
fs << "mymap" << "{:" << somekey << someval << "}";

Now, I want to get the data back, but I do not know the keys of the map. I guess the code should be like this:

cv::FileStorage fs("file.yaml.gz", cv::FileStorage::READ);
cv::FileNode fn = fs["mymap"];
// fn has type == cv::FileNode::MAP
// fn has size == 1 element (one pair)
// fn[0] returns also a MAP with 1 element

Is is possible to get all the pairs of that map without the keys? I have checked the cv::FileNodeIterator, but it does not seem to solve this problem. The C interface, CvFileNode, allows to retrieve the values but just after providing the key.

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You should look at using FileNodeIterator. I'm not up for writing a full answer, but as you iterate over each FileNode mapFn in your fn, I expect mapFn.isNamed() to be true, and to give the actual name. I haven't tried it though, but I'm pretty sure something along these lines should work for you. –  SchighSchagh May 7 '13 at 10:55
Thanks for the hint @SchighSchagh, you were right. –  ChronoTrigger May 7 '13 at 12:35

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I found the answer thanks to @SchighSchagh.

It is necessary to iterate through the node with a cv::FileNodeIterator and cast it later to a cv::FileNode. The key is then stored as the name of this cv::FileNode:

cv::FileStorage fs("file.yaml.gz", cv::FileStorage::READ);
cv::FileNode fn = fs["mymap"];

for(cv::FileNodeIterator fit = fn.begin(); fit != fn.end(); ++fit)
  cv::FileNode item = *fit;
  std::string somekey =;
  double someval = (double)item;

It is important to realize that the notation fit->name() does not work with a cv::FileNodeIterator.

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The arrow operator is actually supposed to work as expected, do you get any error when using it? –  Niko May 8 '13 at 8:17
I obtain a compilation error when doing fit->name() with OpenCV 2.4.3: error: result of ‘operator->()’ yields non-pointer result. –  ChronoTrigger May 8 '13 at 11:34

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