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Using boostrap and simple_form I have a large form that I would like part of the form to be horizontal and the other part vertical ie

<%= simple_form_for( @vehicle, :html => {:class => 'form-horizontal' } %>

Is there a way to do both on the same form? Through partials maybe?

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Ambiguous Title though –  Viren May 7 '13 at 15:00

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Well, this question has nothing to do with ruby-on-rails itself. This is a css problem.
If you look at twitter bootstrap css code, you can see that the behavior of the horizontal/vertical inputs and labels on a form, are related to the control-group divs.
So you can create this divs manually, and set the apropriate class to it.

<form> // Your form, without classes
  <div class='form-horizontal'> // A div for the horizontal ones.
  <div> // A div for the vertical ones.
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Brilliant. Thanks MurifoX it worked perfectly. I removed the class from the form and applied it only to the applicable divs. –  jared May 7 '13 at 21:59

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