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There have been questions quite similar to this one, but I could not find any solution. So excuse me for asking it again.

I'm running Debian Linux and I installed Mono. Once I started the sample WebService with the XSP (or XSP4) server, I can not access it neither locally nor from anywhere else in the network.

The *.asmx file is in a folder from which I also start the XSP server.

Here's the sample code:

using System;
using System.Web.Services;

namespace MathService
    [WebService (Namespace = "")]
    public class MathService : WebService
        public int AddNumbers (int number1, int number2)
            return number1 + number2;

        public int SubtractNumbers (int number1, int number2)
            return number1 - number2;
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This is because the current Debian Wheezy operating system for the Raspberry Pi is supporting some hard-float features of the ARM processor. But some Java/.NET application needs soft-float. This is why they might crash. There is a soft-float version of the operating system called Raspbian Wheezy but it is not maintained anymore. – Matthias May 15 '13 at 7:35
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Look out for soft-float versions of your operation system or a mono version that supports hard-float. See this link.

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