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I have a magento item SKU: PRODUCT

On eBay I have created a variation listing for this product for multiple quantities (at discount prices). eBay treats each variation as a unique product with a unique SKU. A 3 pack for example will be SKU: PRODUCTX3

I use M2EPro to feed my eBay sales into Magento. However magento recognises PRODUCTX3 as a totally unique product.

I need a way for the SKU PRODUCTX3 to be converted into PRODUCT, and with a quantity of 3.

Any ideas how I can achieve this?

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Ebay2Magento Extension supports variations of products. However it converts sku productX3 as a product with quantity 3. Check the video for clear idea http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRKcsxruqLY

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