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I have a class like this with some code to profile how long the constructor takes to execute. I would ideally like to have this code injected automatically, preferably in the BaseClass. Is this possible somehow so I don't need to add it to every class?

public MyClass : BaseClass
    public MyClass() : base()
        using (new ProfileRegion("MyClass"))
            // Do Stuff
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Don't add instrumentation code yourself - use a profiler to do this for you. There are many wonderful .NET profilers out there to choose from (I have had many good experiences using ANTS but there are other choices as well).

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Seconded; I've been using ANTS this week - very impressed. –  Marc Gravell Oct 29 '09 at 6:08
I am a big fan of ANTS but today I tried out the new performance testing in VS 2010 (Beta 2) and I must admit it was pretty slick as well. I would definitely recommend checking it out. –  Andrew Hare Oct 29 '09 at 6:22

Profiling is generally cross cutting concern. Look for Dependency Injection Patterns. Martin Fowler's article is a good start. Then look for .NET IoC implementations like Unity or Spring Framework. You will need to have Factory Pattern in place through which all the consumers of your class(es) get the instance and in that Factory you inject the profiling aspect.

Spring Framework Sample Code

IInvoicingWorkflowProider p = (IInvoicingWorkflowProider)Factory.createInvoicingWorkflowProvider();

ProxyFactory pf = new ProxyFactory(p);  //This is Spring's
pf.AddAdvice(new TracingAspect());  	//TracingAspect is my aspect implementation

return (IInvoicingWorkflowProider)pf.GetProxy();
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