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I'm very new to PHP and I have a small task of displaying a class list from an XML file. I have managed to figure that part out that took longer than expected. I'm running into some descriptions that have html characters that are not displaying on my page. I have tried numerous ways and nothing seems to work for me. Please take a look and let me know what I'm doing wrong.

	$bb = "<P>Dont spend another day <B>manually</B> filtering information from your spreadsheets.</P>";		
	$a = htmlentities($bb);
	$b = html_entity_decode($a);

	echo $book['PRODUCTID']." - ".$book['PRODUCTNAME']." - ".$b."<BR/><BR/>";


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get rid of

    $a = htmlentities($bb);

just use

    $b = html_entity_decode($bb);
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something like this will help:

str_replace(array("&lt;", "&gt;"), array("<", ">"), $bb);

that should solve the problem

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