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I'm able to get a picture-url from a specific facebook-post through the facebook graph-api (ie https://developers.facebook.com/tools/explorer?method=GET&path=196118303833398_362048290573731), but when I need to get a picture-object (for getting bigger sized en specific crops as described in the documentation) I try


I get the response message "(#100) No node specified"... what do I forget?

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Only users and pages have a picture connection – posts don’t. (A field is something different.)

But I guess the full_picture field is what you want: https://developers.facebook.com/tools/explorer?method=GET&path=196118303833398_362048290573731%3Ffields%3Dfull_picture%2Cpicture

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I'm giving an example with a specific post ID 20531316728_10152364602581729. This post ID can be any post ID if the post is of type "photo".

If the post type is "photo", you can retrieve the post object ID by calling:


This returns an object ID 10152364594836729.

As you might see, the ID returned is the second part of the post ID, I don know for sure if this is always the case or if this will always be the case, just to be sure, it's saver to ask the object ID off of the API.

Now you can call the picture url on the object ID instead of the post ID and it will work.


In an html img tag this will look like this:

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