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I am trying to startup the ArangoDB server with:

→ bin/arangod --server.endpoint tcp:// --database.directory tmp

However I get a:

2013-05-07T12:30:30Z [83160] INFO ArangoDB 1.3.devel -- ICU 49.1.2, V8 version, SSL engine OpenSSL 0.9.8r 8 Feb 2011
2013-05-07T12:30:30Z [83160] INFO using default language 'de_DE'
2013-05-07T12:30:30Z [83160] INFO using endpoint 'tcp://' for http non-encrypted requests
2013-05-07T12:30:30Z [83160] FATAL you must specify an admin directory, giving up!

What is wrong? And what can I do to make the error go away?

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If you are not going to "make install" ArangoDB in its final destination, but instead want to start it from the source directory, please use

bin/arangod -c etc/relative/arangod.conf --server.endpoint tcp:// --database.directory tmp

The configuration files in the "etc/relative" directory hold all the defines to start arangod and arangosh without installing it.

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