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I'm having an issue with libgdx skin.

When the app is paused or goes into the background and then reopens all my scene2d textures are just showing up black. I assume that the underlying textures need to be reloaded.

I'm creating my skin using the following code

FileHandle jsonFile = Gdx.files.internal( "ui/uiskin.json" );
FileHandle atlasFile = Gdx.files.internal( "ui/uiskin.atlas" );
TextureAtlas atlas = new TextureAtlas(atlasFile);
skin = new Skin(jsonFile, atlas);

My question is if there any way that I can detect when the texture needs to be reloaded and how to best do this?

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I have found that it is best to rebuild the skin when you reopen your app.

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But how does this work when I have the skin applied to various objects? – user2358285 May 7 '13 at 12:39

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