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I wish to clone the effects of the button animations found in Candy Crush Saga. And also I wish to know how to do such fluid & beautiful animations. Is it possible with Cocos2d-iPhone?

This is the link of Candy Crush Sage:


Is it done using image sequences?

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It is possible. Just run animation on buttons normal sprite.

GTAnimSprite *frame_normal   = [GTAnimSprite spriteWithFile:@"play_button_normal.png"];
GTAnimSprite *frame_sel     = [GTAnimSprite spriteWithFile:@"play_button_selected.png"];
frame_sel.color = ccc3(128,128,128);

CCMenuItemSprite *plyBtn = [CCMenuItemSprite itemWithNormalSprite:frame_normal
                                                selector:@selector(playBtnPress:) ];

plyBtn.position = ccp(size.width*0.77f, size.height*0.1f);

CCMenu *menu2 = [CCMenu menuWithItems:plyBtn, nil];
menu2.position = ccp(0.0f,0.0f);
[self addChild:menu2 z:2 ];

//Here is class file:GTAnimSprite.h

#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import "cocos2d.h"

@interface GTAnimSprite : CCSprite
    bool bouncing;
    float counter;


//Here is class file:GTAnimSprite.mm

#import "GTAnimSprite.h"

@implementation GTAnimSprite

    [super onEnter];

    counter = 0.0f;

    bouncing = true;

    [self scheduleUpdate];

    if (bouncing)
        counter += dt;

        self.scaleX = ( (sin(counter*10) + 1)/2.0 * 0.1 + 1);
        self.scaleY = ( (cos(counter*10) + 1)/2.0 * 0.1 + 1);

        if (counter > M_PI*10){
            counter = 0;

    [self unscheduleUpdate];

    [super onExit];


HERE IS XCODE SAMPLE SOURCE: https://www.box.com/s/52i4xyznetyyc329evcu

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got it from this... –  Renaissance May 8 '13 at 5:26
I have implemented similar behavior with CCActions.What's best performance wise, custom CCSprite (like this) or implement CCActions? –  Karlos Zafra May 8 '13 at 8:05
@KarlosZafra, Good to implement with CCActions. Show me code that you used with CCActions. –  Gururaj.T May 8 '13 at 8:44
@Guru: This is working fine... no doubt in this... But when i simply create a sprite than it is working good, but when i use this sprite in ccMenuItemSprite it will be scaled vertically and in direction of positive x axis. That is , its sprites left side is fixed. How can i solved this? If you need further description than let me know.? –  Renaissance May 18 '13 at 5:26
instead of running it on CCMenuItemSprite, run it on its normal and selected image. –  Gururaj.T May 18 '13 at 5:35

This is how I do it using CCActions

First, I define the CCAction:

 id scaleHorDown = [CCScaleTo actionWithDuration:duration * 5/30.f scaleX:0.75f scaleY:1.0f];
 id scaleHorBouncing = [CCEaseBounceIn actionWithAction:scaleHorDown];
 id scaleVerDown = [CCScaleTo actionWithDuration:duration * 5/30.f scaleX:1.0f scaleY:0.65f];
 id scaleVerBouncing = [CCEaseBounceInOut actionWithAction:scaleVerDown];

 id shrink = [CCSequence actions:scaleHorBouncing,scaleVerBouncing, nil];

 id swell = [CCScaleTo actionWithDuration: duration * 15/30.f scale:1.10f];
 id swellEase = [CCEaseElasticOut actionWithAction:swell];

 id resetScale = [CCScaleTo actionWithDuration:duration * 5/30.f  scale:1.0f];
 id resetScaleBouncing = [CCEaseInOut actionWithAction:resetScale];

 id buttonAction = [CCSequence actions: shrink, swellEase, resetScaleBouncing, nil];

Then I run the animation over the desired sprites when CCMenuItem is initialized

CCMenuItem aMenuItem = [CCMenuItemSprite itemFromNormalSprite:buttonNormalSprite
                         block:^(id sender) {
                            //play animation highlighting button
                            [buttonSelectedSprite runAction:buttonAction]];

In my case I'm only running the animation when the button is pressed.

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