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Considering 3 dates : myDate1, myDate2, myDate3. I'd like to validate that myDate1 < myDate2 < myDate3

Dates are set by the date picker directive found in angular-ui.

Here is a plunker :

I'm having difficulties founding the right way to do that. I'm using ui-validate but it looks like when a condition is evaluated to false, the model is set to undefined.

Edit : It turns out that model being set to undefined is normal Angular behaviour. However there is a bug in the ui-validate directive. I'll update this post once it's resolved. See :

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Please have a look at this fiddle.

Instead of using ui-validate i used ng-change and an extra scope variable formValid to track the validity of form.

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Thanks but I'd like to keep the form validation provided by AngularJS and not relying on a external variable if possible – Florian F May 8 '13 at 9:47

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