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I have a UIViewController (myViewController) with a XIB file. In this XIB file, I have connected an other object UIPickerViewController (myPicker).

When my UIViewController is allocated, initialized and pushed as a viewcontroller, the UIPIckerViewController displays its instance as it should.

The user can modaly open a settingscontroller from myViewController to adjust some settings.

When the settingscontroller is dismissed, myViewController is updated (buttons, text, tableview, etc).

However, myPicker is not Only when the UIViewController is initalized and pushed again, myPicker is updated.

Is there any good ways to reload myPicker in myViewController without initializing UIViewController again?

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Try call [myPicker reloadAllComponents]; in viewWillAppear (for that you should make subclass of UIViewController).

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Thank you for your answer. Adding [myPicker reloadAllComponents]; did not work. I am not sure if you meant I should subclass UIViewcontroller in viewWillAppear. To clearify, it is the languagesettings that does not update in the UIPIckerviewController (it updates in myViewController). – Tom Tallak Solbu May 7 '13 at 16:56

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