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How can I get and change the Style Attribute property value


<div id="styleChanger" style="color: rgb(163, 41, 41);">
   // some content

How can I change the Style property color value

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Every CSS declaration, inline (a.k.a style attribute), in the page header or in an external file, is just incorporated into the DOM object attributes once the browser has read it.

This is to say that you're not actually interested in changing the style attribute, but an attribute of the object you're working on in Javascript. For CSS attributes, jQuery's .css() method is the answer.

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You need a ready class, for example:

.interactClass {
    color: #d2232a;

and then you can


Or you can switch single properties with css method:

$('#styleChanger').css("color", "#D2232A").css("font-size", "20px");
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Use the css() method in jQuery. Here is a link to the documentation: http://docs.jquery.com/CSS/css#name

This will allow you to do something like:

$("#styleChanger").css("color", "#888888");
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