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I would like to convert it to a date so that I can display it in the proper format which is, well, a ridiculous format anyways.

this is my current format (which is a string):

2012/03/06 00:00:00

this is what I'm going to change it to:

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since your string is in a format Crystal will recognize create a formula


then right click the field to format the output it like you want

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that's what I thought too.. but I get a "bad date format string" – DJPlayer May 7 '13 at 13:34
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got it.. just for reference.. had to account for blanks, also had to format properly..

if isnull({Command.EXAM_DT}) then Date(0,0,0)


if ({Command.EXAM_DT}='') THEN Date(0,0,0) 


Date(ToNumber(LEFT({Command.EXAM_DT}, 4)),
      ToNumber(Mid ({Command.EXAM_DT}, 6, 2)),
      ToNumber(Mid ({Command.EXAM_DT}, 9, 2))
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